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About Ireland

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. Ireland is a land of history with many breathtaking destinations that any traveler would want to visit. The country retains its historical charm to its best. Its distinctive culture and heritage along with its beautiful countryside mountains, lakes and valleys together makes Ireland a distinct country. Even though English is their primary spoken language in most of their region, they still use and carry their original Irish Gaelic language as their second language and is most used for ceremonial purposes and are spoken in some part of the Gaeltacht regions. Ireland is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in Europe, and the twentieth-largest on Earth.

Languages: English, Irish

Why study in Ireland

  • 1.


    Ireland is an English speaking country.

  • 2.

    Education System

    Ireland has one of the best education systems in Europe.

  • 3.

    Green Card

    In Ireland, the government allows students to apply for a green card, also known as a work permit. 

  • 4.


    Many universities also provide internship opportunities to help students acquire practical experience in their field of study.

  • 5.

    Scientific Research

    Ireland is famous as an international hub for high quality scientific research. 

  • 6.


    The country is home to leading global MNCs.  

  • 7.


    Ireland is a highly developed democracy with a modern economy. 

  • 8.

    Exporters & Producers

    Ireland is the largest exporter of software in the world and rates amongst the top five producers of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals globally. The ever-increasing demands of this high technology economy have ensured that the higher education technological sector offers the highest and most advanced standards and opportunities available today.

  • 9.


    The new government rules allow students to stay back for 2 years on declaration of results to seek employment. Once a student gains employment, the student becomes eligible to apply for Green Card/Work Permit.

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