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  • IELTS BASIC (AC&GT) – This course has been designed for beginners only. It renders...read more
  • ENGLISH SPEAKING – This course follows communicative approach for teaching of E...read more
  • GRAMMAR AND SYNTAX – The course emphasizes wide range of grammatical structures r...read more
  • VOCABULARY BUILDING – This curriculum is designed to scale word power. Not only it...read more
  • CORRECT PRONUNCIATION – Mother tongue influence is commonly found in learners of Eng...read more
  • IELTS INTERMEDIATE (AC&GT) – We provide study material as per IELTS standards. Practice s...read more
  • PEARSON TEST OF ENGLISH – The Pearson Test of English Academic is trusted by universit...read more
  • CD IELTS – It is a computer delivered test. We provide both online and ...read more
  • CELPIP – It is also a computer delivered test. We provide both online...read more
  • PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT & INTERVIEW PREPARATION – We train impassioned folks to be warm and helpful so that th...read more
  • IELTS ACHIEVERS – Achiever's batch is a platform that provides wings to aspira...read more

About Ybrant International

Language is the most important aspect of communication, and the way to language goes through comprehensive training and competent education. Therefore, language training and education are absolute necessities in today’s global society where the demands for language competencies are constantly changing. Ybrant consistently develops more competitive resources, and continue providing language tests’ training and education, and endeavor to master new language tests.

Ybrant also envisions that education must be of unparalleled standards and topicality in order to fulfill the specific requirements of the test takers. Therefore, it has emerged to be an active collaborator who is capable of fulfilling obligations as an educational institution.

Ybrant raised the pennant of quest for education and innovation in 2014. Since then, it is the Amritsar’s leading education platform with a staff of approximately 40. It is self-governing, self- supported and authorized by local jurisdiction. It offers an extremely wide palette of training and education:

Today, ybrant is a one stop destination that caters to all needs of students who aspire to study abroad. In the future, at ybrant you will find an attractive and exciting training and education provision that aim at everybody who wants to achieve new skills.

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What we Offer

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    The International English Language Testing System is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers.

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    It is an alternative to the paper-based IELTS Exam. CD-IELTS is delivered via computer

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    The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is an English language assessment tool.

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    Whether you are a student or a professional your English communication skills need to be perfect.

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    The Pearson Test of English Academic is trusted by universities, colleges and governments around the world.

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    Preparing for an interview might seem intimidating, but there are several steps you can take to prepare yourself for a successful interview.

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    Ybrant International is one of the leading immigration consultants & top IELTS

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